Spent Mushroom Compost $ 1.50

by greeba farm 01st February 2012

Enrich your soil with Greeba Farm’s top quality compost at great value prices. High in organic matter and essential nutrients, the worms love it! Ideal as a surface mulch, to build structure to poor soil and great for growing a wide range of plants and vegetables, it is used by professional growers, landscapers, gardeners and allotment holders across the Island.

Blocks (approx. 43 litres) £1.25 each plus VAT, lowest price 80p per block plus VAT on orders of 100 blocks or more. Delivery available on orders over 50 blocks – prices available on request.

Contact Greeba Farm today to arrange the best start to 2012 for your garden. Tel: 851611 or e-mail

(Please note spent mushroom compost is not recommended for acid loving plants.)